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+2007-12-18 Thorsten Kukuk <>
+ * README: Document how to run make check with static modules
+ (SF#1822779).
+2007-12-18 Peter Breitenlohner <>
+ * README: Document that "make check" requires a file
+ /etc/pam.d/other (SF#1822764).
2007-12-12 Eamon Walsh <>
* doc/man/ More appropriate wording
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@@ -15,7 +15,16 @@ To make sure everything was compiled correct, run:
make check
-If a test failes, you should not continue to install this build.
+If a test fails, you should not continue to install this build.
+These tests require a suitable file /etc/pam.d/other; if necessary,
+create such a file containing, e.g., these five lines (not indented)
+ #%PAM-1.0
+ auth required
+ account required
+ password required
+ session required
Note, if you are worried - don't even think about doing the next line
(most Linux distributions already support PAM out of the box, so if
@@ -37,6 +46,7 @@ WARNING: Running "make xtests" can overwrite configuration data
or make the system insecure/unfunctional for a short time!
Backup all important data before!
If you do not wish to make the modules dynamically loadable, but
build a static libpam including all PAM modules, you have to call:
@@ -46,6 +56,10 @@ In this case you cannot use pam_unix in the PAM config files instead you
have to use pam_unix_acct, pam_unix_auth, pam_unix_passwd and
+To run the build checks with static modules, you need to run the
+following command: make -C test check && make check
To regenerate manual pages from the XML source files you need the
docbook-xsl stylesheets in version 1.69.1 or newer, older versions had
a bug which generates a broken layout.