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@@ -7,11 +7,13 @@ Release 1.0.90
* Make pam_namespace to work safe on child directories of parent directories
owned by users
* Redefine LOCAL keyword of pam_access configuration file
-* Add support fro try_first_pass and use_first_pass to pam_cracklib
+* Add support for try_first_pass and use_first_pass to pam_cracklib
* Print informative messages for rejected login and add silent and
no_log_info options to pam_tally
* Add support for passing PAM_AUTHTOK to stdin of helpers from pam_exec
* New password quality tests in pam_cracklib
+* New options for pam_lastlog to show last failed login attempt and
+ to disable lastlog update
Release 1.0.1