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Thanks for downloading Linux-PAM.
@@ -7,6 +6,11 @@ NOTES:
How to use it is as follows:
+Please look at the ci/ for the necessary
+prerequisite packages to be able to build the Linux-PAM. The script
+is targeted at Debian based Linux distributions so the package
+names and availability might differ on other distributions.
If you check out the sources from git, install Autotools and generate
configuration scripts, ensuring you have the minimum packages installed,
the ci scripts may help here:
@@ -54,16 +58,6 @@ WARNING: Running "make xtests" can overwrite configuration data
or make the system insecure/unfunctional for a short time!
Backup all important data before!
-If you do not wish to make the modules dynamically loadable, but
-build a static libpam including all PAM modules, you have to call:
- ./configure --enable-static-modules --disable-pie
-To run the build checks with static modules, you need to run the
-following command: make -C test check && make check
To regenerate manual pages from the XML source files you need the
docbook-xsl stylesheets in version 1.69.1 or newer, older versions had
a bug which generates a broken layout.