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The pam_unix module still does its own check of /etc/security/opasswd,
so if you are using this module you should not need to change anything.
+ * Change in handling of /etc/shadow fields
+ The Debian PAM package included a patch to treat a value of 0 in certain
+ fields in /etc/shadow as the same as an empty field. This patch has
+ been dropped, since it caused the behavior of pam_unix to differ from
+ both that of PAM upstream and that of the shadow package.
+ The main consequences of this change are that:
+ - a "0" in the sp_expire field will be treated as a date of Jan 1, 1970
+ instead of a "never expires" value, so users with this set will be
+ unable to log in
+ - a "0" in the sp_inact field will indicate that the user should not be
+ allowed to change an expired password at all, instead of being allowed
+ to change an expired at any time after the expiry.
+ See Debian bug #308229 for more information about this change.
-- Steve Langasek <> Tue, 25 Aug 2009 00:13:57 -0700
pam ( unstable; urgency=low