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@@ -73,16 +73,6 @@ to reference the basename (eg. ""). This will ensure that the
program continues to work even if the module location changes, since
libpam itself will resolve the location.
-You should not use the pam_stack module in the pam config file.
-It's not currently in Debian so it won't work. While I cannot stop
-someone from packaging pam_stack for Debian, I will try to convince
-them that it is not the direction we want. Pam_stack (among other
-faults) uses different pam handles for each step in the process--the
-handle used for session management is not the same as the handle used
-for authentication. This breaks several modules. We have an alternate
-solution for shared PAM configuration across modules, in the form of
-the @include directive.
Currently libpam-modules is in the base setup, so its dependency is not
needed (since the library depends on the correct version). However, if any