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+<section id='pam.conf-desc'>
+ <para>
+ When a <emphasis>PAM</emphasis> aware privilege granting application
+ is started, it activates its attachment to the PAM-API. This
+ activation performs a number of tasks, the most important being the
+ reading of the configuration file(s): <filename>/etc/pam.conf</filename>.
+ Alternatively, this may be the contents of the
+ <filename>/etc/pam.d/</filename> directory. The presence of this
+ directory will cause Linux-PAM to ignore
+ <filename>/etc/pam.conf</filename>.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ These files list the <emphasis>PAM</emphasis>s that will do the
+ authentication tasks required by this service, and the appropriate
+ behavior of the PAM-API in the event that individual
+ <emphasis>PAM</emphasis>s fail.
+ </para>