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-.\" Title: pam_set_data
-.\" Author:
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-.\" Date: 12/06/2007
-.\" Manual: Linux-PAM Manual
-.\" Source: Linux-PAM Manual
-.TH "PAM_SET_DATA" "3" "12/06/2007" "Linux-PAM Manual" "Linux-PAM Manual"
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-pam_set_data - set module internal data
-.ft B
-#include <security/pam_modules\.h>
-.HP 17
-.BI "int pam_set_data(pam_handle_t\ *" "pamh" ", const\ char\ *" "module_data_name" ", void\ *" "data" ", void\ " "(*cleanup)(pam_handle_t\ *pamh,\ void\ *data,\ int\ error_status)" ");"
-function associates a pointer to an object with the (hopefully) unique string
-in the PAM context specified by the
-PAM modules may be dynamically loadable objects\. In general such files should not contain
-variables\. This function and its counterpart
-\fBpam_get_data\fR(3), provide a mechanism for a module to associate some data with the handle
-\fIpamh\fR\. Typically a module will call the
-function to register some data under a (hopefully) unique
-\fImodule_data_name\fR\. The data is available for use by other modules too but
-by an application\. Since this functions stores only a pointer to the
-\fIdata\fR, the module should not modify or free the content of it\.
-The function
-is associated with the
-and, if non\-NULL, it is called when this data is over\-written or following a call to
-argument is used to indicate to the module the sort of action it is to take in cleaning this data item\. As an example, Kerberos creates a ticket file during the authentication phase, this file might be associated with a data item\. When
-is called by the module, the
-carries the return value of the
-or other
-function as appropriate\. Based on this value the Kerberos module may choose to delete the ticket file (\fIauthentication failure\fR) or leave it in place\.
-may have been logically OR\'d with either of the following two values:
-.RS 4
-When a data item is being replaced (through a second call to
-\fBpam_set_data\fR) this mask is used\. Otherwise, the call is assumed to be from
-.RS 4
-Which indicates that the process would prefer to perform the
-quietly\. That is, discourages logging/messages to the user\.
-.RS 4
-Memory buffer error\.
-.RS 4
-Data was successful stored\.
-.RS 4
-A NULL pointer was submitted as PAM handle or the function was called by an application\.