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-.\" Title: pam_xauth_data
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-.\" Date: 01/07/2008
-.\" Manual: Linux-PAM Manual
-.\" Source: Linux-PAM Manual
-.TH "PAM_XAUTH_DATA" "3" "01/07/2008" "Linux-PAM Manual" "Linux-PAM Manual"
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-pam_xauth_data - structure containing X authentication data
-.ft B
-#include <security/pam_appl\.h>
-.RS 4
-struct pam_xauth_data {
- int namelen;
- char *name;
- int datalen;
- char *data;
-structure contains X authentication data used to make a connection to an X display\. Using this mechanism, an application can communicate X authentication data to PAM service modules\. This allows modules to make a connection to the user\'s X display in order to label the user\'s session on login, display visual feedback or for other purposes\.
-field contains the name of the authentication method, such as "MIT\-MAGIC\-COOKIE\-1"\. The
-field contains the length of this string, not including the trailing NUL character\.
-field contains the authentication method\-specific data corresponding to the specified name\. The
-field contains its length in bytes\.
-The X authentication data can be changed with the
-item\. It can be queried and set with
-\fBpam_set_item \fR(3)
-respectively\. The value used to set it should be a pointer to a pam_xauth_data structure\. An internal copy of both the structure itself and its fields is made by PAM when setting the item\.
-structure and
-item are Linux\-PAM extensions\.