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-This directory contains the modules.
-If you want to reserve a module name please email <>
-and announce its name. Andrew Morgan, <>, will
-add it to the Makefile in the next release of Linux-PAM.
-As of Linux-PAM-0.40 modules can optionally conform to the static
-modules conventions.
-This file was updated for Linux-PAM-0.53.
-The conventions are as follows:
-There are only 6 functions that a module may declare as "public" they
-fall into 4 managment groups as follows:
- functions Management group
- ------------------------------------------ ----------------
- pam_sm_authenticate, pam_sm_setcred, PAM_SM_AUTH
- pam_sm_acct_mgmt, PAM_SM_ACCOUNT
- pam_sm_open_session, pam_sm_close_session, PAM_SM_SESSION
- pam_sm_chauthtok PAM_SM_PASSWORD
-If a module contains definitions for any of the above functions, it
-must supply definitions for all of the functions in the corresponding
-management group.
-The header file that defines the ANSI prototypes for these functions
-is <security/pam_modules.h> . In the case that the module wishes to
-offer the functions of a given managment group, it must #define
-PAM_SM_XXX, where XXX is one of the above four tokens. These
-definitions must occur *prior* to the
-#include <security/pam_modules.h> line.
-The pam_sm_... functions should be defined to be of type 'PAM_EXTERN int'.
-In the case that a module is being compiled with PAM_STATIC #define'd
-it should also define a globally accessible structure
-_"NAME"_modstruct containing references to each of the functions
-defined by the module. (this structure is defined in
-<security/pam_modules.h>. "NAME" is the title of the module
-(eg. "pam_deny")
-If a module wants to be included in the static libpam.a its Makefile
-should execute "register_static" with appropriate arguments (in this
-For SIMPLE working examples, see
- ./modules/pam_deny/* and ./modules/pam_rootok/*
-Andrew Morgan