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<refentry id="access.conf">
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<refsect1 id='access.conf-description'>
- <para>
- This module provides logdaemon style login access control based
- on login names and on host (or domain) names, internet addresses
- (or network numbers), on terminal line names in case of
- non-networked logins or on service name if called by a daemon.
- </para>
The <filename>/etc/security/access.conf</filename> file specifies
(<replaceable>user</replaceable>, <replaceable>host</replaceable>),
@@ -33,7 +25,6 @@
(<replaceable>user</replaceable>, <replaceable>tty</replaceable>)
combinations for which a login will be either accepted or refused.
When someone logs in, the file <filename>access.conf</filename> is
scanned for the first entry that matches the