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-.\" Title: pam_exec
-.\" Author:
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-.\" Date: 06/09/2006
-.\" Manual: Linux\-PAM Manual
-.\" Source: Linux\-PAM Manual
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-pam_exec \- PAM module which calls an external command
-.HP 12
-\\fR [debug] [seteuid] [log=\fIfile\fR] \fIcommand\fR [\fI...\fR]
-pam_exec is a PAM module that can be used to run an external command.
-.TP 3n
-Print debug information.
-.TP 3n
-The output of the command is appended to
-.TP 3n
-Per default will execute the external command with the real user ID of the calling process. Specifying this option means the command is run with the effective user ID.
-The services
-are supported.
-.TP 3n
-The external command runs successfull.
-.TP 3n
-No argument or a wrong number of arguments were given.
-.TP 3n
-A system error occured or the command to execute failed.
-.TP 3n
-was called, which does not execute the command.
-Add the following line to
-to rebuild the NIS database after each local password change:
-.RS 3n
- passwd optional seteuid make \-C /var/yp
-This will execute the command
-.RS 3n
-make \-C /var/yp
-with effective user ID.
-pam_exec was written by Thorsten Kukuk <>.