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+.\" Title: faillock
+.\" Author: [see the "AUTHOR" section]
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+.\" Date: 06/08/2020
+.\" Manual: Linux-PAM Manual
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+faillock \- Tool for displaying and modifying the authentication failure record files
+.HP \w'\fBfaillock\fR\ 'u
+\fBfaillock\fR [\-\-dir\ \fI/path/to/tally\-directory\fR] [\-\-user\ \fIusername\fR] [\-\-reset]
+module maintains a list of failed authentication attempts per user during a specified interval and locks the account in case there were more than
+consecutive failed authentications\&. It stores the failure records into per\-user files in the tally directory\&.
+command is an application which can be used to examine and modify the contents of the tally files\&. It can display the recent failed authentication attempts of the
+or clear the tally files of all or individual
+\fB\-\-dir \fR\fB\fI/path/to/tally\-directory\fR\fR
+.RS 4
+The directory where the user files with the failure records are kept\&. The default is
+\fB\-\-user \fR\fB\fIusername\fR\fR
+.RS 4
+The user whose failure records should be displayed or cleared\&.
+.RS 4
+Instead of displaying the user\*(Aqs failure records, clear them\&.
+.RS 4
+the files logging the authentication failures for users
+faillock was written by Tomas Mraz\&.