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+pam_issue \- PAM module to add issue file to user prompt
+.HP 13
+\\fR [noesc] [issue=\fIissue\-file\-name\fR]
+pam_issue is a PAM module to prepend an issue file to the username prompt. It also by default parses escape codes in the issue file similar to some common getty's (using \\x format).
+Recognized escapes:
+current day
+name of this tty
+machine architecture (uname \-m)
+machine's network node hostname (uname \-n)
+domain name of this system
+release number of operating system (uname \-r)
+current time
+operating system name (uname \-s)
+number of users currently logged in
+same as \\u except it is suffixed with "user" or "users" (eg. "1 user" or "10 users")
+operating system version and build date (uname \-v)
+Turns off escape code parsing.
+The file to output if not using the default.
+Only the
+service is supported.
+Memory buffer error.
+The prompt was already changed.
+A service module error occured.
+The new prompt was set successfull.
+Add the following line to
+to set the user specific issue at login:
+ auth optional issue=/etc/issue
+pam_issue was written by Ben Collins <>.