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+pam_lastlog \- PAM module to display date of last login
+.HP 15
+\\fR [debug] [silent] [never] [nodate] [nohost] [noterm] [nowtmp]
+pam_lastlog is a PAM module to display a line of information about the last login of the user. In addition, the module maintains the
+Some applications may perform this function themselves. In such cases, this module is not necessary.
+Print debug information.
+Don't inform the user about any previous login, just upate the
+If the
+file does not contain any old entries for the user, indicate that the user has never previously logged in with a welcome message.
+Don't display the date of the last login.
+Don't display the terminal name on which the last login was attempted.
+Don't indicate from which host the last login was attempted.
+Don't update the wtmp entry.
+Only the
+service is supported.
+Everything was successfull.
+Internal service module error.
+User not known.
+Add the following line to
+to display the last login time of an user:
+ session required nowtmp
+Lastlog logging file
+pam_lastlog was written by Andrew G. Morgan <>.