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-pam_radius module:
- RADIUS session module.
- This module is intended to provide the session service for users
-autheticated with a RADIUS server. At the present stage, the only option
-supported is the use of the RADIUS server as an accounting server. There are
-few things which needs to be cleared out first in the PAM project until one
-will be able to use this module and expect it to magically start pppd in
-response to a RADIUS server command to use PPP for this user, or to initiate
-a telnet connection to another host, or to hang and call back the user using
-parameters provided in the RADIUS server response. Most of these things are
-better suited for the radius login application. I hope to make available
-Real Soon (tm) patches for the login apps to make it work this way.
- debug verbose logging
- session _open_session and _close_session
- When opening a session, this module sends an Accounting-Start
-message to the RADIUS server, which will log/update/whatever a database for
-this user. On close, an Accounting-Stop message is sent to the RADIUS
-This module have no other pre-requisites for making it work. One can install
-a RADIUS server just for fun and use it as a centralized accounting server and
-forget about wtmp/last/sac&comp :-)
- For the services you need this module (login for example) put
- the following line in /etc/pam.conf as the last line for that
- service (usually after the pam_unix session line):
- login session required /lib/security/
- Replace "login" for each service you are using this module.
- This module make extensive use of the API provided in libpwdb
- 0.54preB or later. By default, it will read the radius server
- configuration (hostname and secret) from /etc/raddb/server. This is
- a default compiled into libpwdb, and curently there is no way to
- modify this default without recompiling libpwdb. I am working on
- extending the radius support from libpwdb to provide a possibility
- to make this runtime-configurable.
- Also please note that libpwdb will require also the RADIUS
- dictionary to be present (/etc/raddb/dictionary).
- The work is far from complete. Deal with "real" session things.
- Cristian Gafton <>