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+pam_rootok — Gain only root access
+pam_rootok is a PAM module that authenticates the user if their UID is 0.
+Applications that are created setuid-root generally retain the UID of the user
+but run with the authority of an enhanced effective-UID. It is the real UID
+that is checked.
+ Print debug information.
+In the case of the su(1) application the historical usage is to permit the
+superuser to adopt the identity of a lesser user without the use of a password.
+To obtain this behavior with PAM the following pair of lines are needed for the
+corresponding entry in the /etc/pam.d/su configuration file:
+# su authentication. Root is granted access by default.
+auth sufficient
+auth required
+pam_rootok was written by Andrew G. Morgan, <>.