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The PAM module tries to get the umask value from the following places in the
following order:
- ● umask= argument
+ • umask= argument
- ● umask= entry of the users GECOS field
+ • umask= entry in the user's GECOS field
- ● pri= entry of the users GECOS field
+ • UMASK= entry from /etc/default/login
- ● ulimit= entry of the users GECOS field
+ • UMASK entry from /etc/login.defs
- ● UMASK= entry from /etc/default/login
- ● UMASK entry from /etc/login.defs
+The GECOS field is split on comma ',' characters. The module also in addition
+to the umask= entry recognizes pri= entry, which sets the nice priority value
+for the session, and ulimit= entry, which sets the maximum size of files the
+processes in the session can create.