Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* pam_pwhistory: Always record the old password even when root changes it.Tomas Mraz2012-05-28
* pam_cracklib: Add enforce_for_root option.Tomas Mraz2012-05-24
* pam_cracklib: Add maxclassrepeat, gecoscheck checks and remove unused difignore.Tomas Mraz2012-04-30
* pam_lastlog: Never lock out the root account.Tomas Mraz2012-04-30
* pam_lastlog: add possibility to lock out inactive users in auth or accountTomas Mraz2012-04-17
* Check for crypt() failure returning NULL.Paul Wouters2012-04-11
* pam_unix: make configuration consistent in --enable-static-modules modeDmitry V. Levin2012-02-03
* Make --disable-cracklib compatible with --enable-static-modules modeDmitry V. Levin2012-01-27
* Add missing includes for types used in the pam_modutil.h.Tomas Mraz2012-02-10
* Fix compile time errors in --enable-static-modules modeMatveychikov Ilya2012-01-27
* Fix SUBDIRS for --enable-static-modules modeDmitry V. Levin2012-01-26
* configure: fix typo in --disable-nis help stringMatveychikov Ilya2012-01-26
* Do not unmount anything by default in pam_namespace close session call.Tomas Mraz2012-01-26
* Make / mount as rslave instead of bind mounting polydirs.Tomas Mraz2012-01-24
* Add possibility to match ruser, rhost, and tty in pam_succeed_if.Tomas Mraz2012-01-13
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Mraz2012-01-03
| * pam_start: fix memory leak on error pathDmitry V. Levin2011-12-26
* | Fix matching of usernames in the pam_unix remember feature.Tomas Mraz2012-01-03
* pam_selinux.8.xml: updateDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
* pam_selinux.c: add "restore" optionDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
* pam_selinux.c: rewrite using pam_get_data/pam_set_dataDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
* Use to link with -lpam/-lpam_miscDmitry V. Levin2011-10-28
* Fix usage of LIBADD, LDADD and LDFLAGSDmitry V. Levin2011-10-28
* Update .gitignore filesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Move generated auxiliary files to build-aux directoryDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Remove generated filesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Create release tarballs using safe ownership and permissionsDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Generate ChangeLog from git logDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Fix "make distcheck"Dmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Remove modules/pam_timestamp/hmacfile from distributionDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Rename all .cvsignore files to .gitignoreDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Fix whitespace issuesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-26
* 2011-10-25 Thorsten Kukuk <>Thorsten Kukuk2011-10-25
* pam_env: abort when encountering an overflowed environment variable expansionKees Cook2011-10-14
* pam_env: correctly count leading whitespace when parsing environment fileKees Cook2011-10-14
* If getdomainname() fails or domainname not set use NULL as domain in innetgr().Tomas Mraz2011-10-10
* Add hostname resolution cache.Tomas Mraz2011-10-10
* Improve documentation of the sufficient and requisite control values. (Red Ha...Tomas Mraz2011-09-30
* Correct the FSF address.Tomas Mraz2011-08-25
* Fix the split on @ in the user field. (Red Hat Bug #732081)Tomas Mraz2011-08-25
* Fix missing dereference.Tomas Mraz2011-08-23
* Fix order of librariesThorsten Kukuk2011-06-24
* Add release to ChangeLogThorsten Kukuk2011-06-21
* 2011-06-22 Thorsten Kukuk <>Thorsten Kukuk2011-06-21
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into new_ve...Thorsten Kukuk2011-06-21
| * 2011-06-21 Thorsten Kukuk <>Thorsten Kukuk2011-06-21
* | Bump version to 1.1.4Thorsten Kukuk2011-06-21
* Initialize the fake_item from item.Tomas Mraz2011-06-15
* Avoid memleaks and fd leak in error paths.Tomas Mraz2011-06-15
* Do not crash when remember, minlen, or rounds options are used with wrong mod...Tomas Mraz2011-06-15