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* build: fix build when crypt() is not part of crypt_libs [ticket#46]Thorsten Kukuk2016-04-04
* build: use $host_cpu for lib64 directory handling [ticket#46]Thorsten Kukuk2016-04-04
* Use TI-RPC functions if we compile and link against libtirpc.Thorsten Kukuk2016-04-01
* Remove "--enable-static-modules" option and support fromThorsten Kukuk2016-03-29
* Fix check for libtirpc and enhance check for libnsl to includeThorsten Kukuk2016-03-24
* Allow links to be used instead of w3m for documentation regeneration.Tomas Mraz2015-09-04
* Release version 1.2.1Thorsten Kukuk2015-06-22
* Release version 1.2.0Thorsten Kukuk2015-04-27
* build: raise gettext version requirementDmitry V. Levin2015-01-07
* build: adjust automake warning flagsRonny Chevalier2015-01-07
* build: rename to configure.acDmitry V. Levin2015-01-07