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* update xdm restart handling to cope with changes to what xdm writes to utmpSteve Langasek2019-02-13
* apparently there are now two separate lintian errors for non-linked DSOsSteve Langasek2019-02-13
* Restore lintian overrides for hardening false-positives.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* Standards-Version 4.3.0.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/control: drop redundant priority fields.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/source.lintian-overrides: update for the current quilt warnings.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/rules: set $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH only if unset.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/libpam-modules.lintian-overrides: update for the current lintian warni...Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* Fix d/p/update-motd to apply the correct changes to the READMESteve Langasek2019-02-13
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-2debian/1.3.1-2archive/debian/1.3.1-2Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Drop hard-coded pre-dep on libpam0g, now superseded by shlibdeps.Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Bump the version check for service restarts to 1.3.1-2. Closes: #922178.Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Further cleanup of patch to avoid accidental regeneration of docsSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-1debian/1.3.1-1archive/debian/1.3.1-1Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Clean up patch so that we don't accidentally regenerate manpage againSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Add debian/patches/fix-autoreconf.patchAndreas Henriksson2019-02-11
* Update debian/watch.Steve Langasek2019-02-11
* Update debian/libpam0g.symbolsAndreas Henriksson2019-02-11
* Refresh patchesSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Switch source package to 3.0 (quilt) to consume upstream .tar.xz.Steve Langasek2019-02-11
* Merge upstream version 1.3.1Steve Langasek2019-02-11
* Fix lintian warnings; thanks to Andreas Henriksson <> and Flo...Steve Langasek2019-01-24
* Drop unused lintian overrides.Steve Langasek2019-01-24
* Document bug closuresSteve Langasek2019-01-24
* Refresh patchesSteve Langasek2019-01-24
* releasing package pam version 1.1.8-4Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* rebuild README files with current docs toolchain.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* Consistently include documentation changes in patches, for clean source packageSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* Use LC_ALL=C.UTF-8, not LC_ALL=C, when generating documentation.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* Don't include changes to autogenerated files in patches.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* Use DEB_BUILD_PROFILES instead of the obsolete DEB_BUILD_PROFILE.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* Actually remove Roger Leigh from uploadersSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* Acknowledge NMUsSteve Langasek2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.8Niels Thykier2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.7Timo Aaltonen2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.6Adrian Bunk2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.5Adam Borowski2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.4Adam Borowski2019-01-08
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.3Laurent Bigonville2019-01-08
| |\
| * | Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.2Tianon Gravi2019-01-08
* | | debian/control: update VCS headers to point to git (temporarily under my pers...Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* | | pam-auth-update: don't mishandle trailing whitespace in profiles.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* | | Acknowledge security NMUSteve Langasek2019-01-08
|\ \ \ | |/ / | | / | |/ |/|
| * Import Debian changes 1.1.8-3.1Michael Gilbert2019-01-08
* | d/applied-patches/pam-limits-nofile-fd-setsize-cap: cap the defaultSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* | Updated Turkish translation, thanks to Mert Dirik <>.Steve Langasek2019-01-08