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* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2006-06-28
Purpose of commit: new feature/big release cleanup Commit summary: --------------- Big cleanup to get release done: 2006-06-28 Thorsten Kukuk <> * bump version number to * modules/pam_rhosts/pam_rhosts.c: New module, replaces * modules/pam_rhosts/pam_rhosts.8.xml: New. * modules/pam_rhosts/pam_rhosts.8: New, generated from XML source. * modules/pam_rhosts/tst-pam_rhosts: New. * modules/pam_rhosts/ Add pam_rhosts, generate manual page and README. * modules/pam_rhosts/README.xml: New. * modules/pam_rhosts/reADME: Regenerated from XML source. * doc/man/pam_sm_acct_mgmt.3.xml: Adjust syntax for module writers guide. * doc/man/pam_sm_authenticate.3.xml: Likewise. * doc/man/pam_sm_chauthtok.3.xml: Likewise. * doc/man/pam_sm_close_session.3.xml: Likewise. * doc/man/pam_sm_open_session.3.xml: Likewise. * doc/man/pam_sm_setcred.3.xml: Likewise. * po/ Add new source files. * libpam/pam_static_modules.h: Add new modules. * modules/pam_keyinit.c: Add _pam_keyinit_modstruct.