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* Unification and cleanup of syslog log levels.Tomas Mraz2016-06-30
* pam_timestamp: fix typo in strncmp usageDmitry V. Levin2016-06-14
* Remove "--enable-static-modules" option and support fromThorsten Kukuk2016-03-29
* pam_timestamp: Avoid leaking file descriptor.Amarnath Valluri2015-08-05
* Don't use sudo directory, the timestamp format is different (Ticket#32)Thorsten Kukuk2015-03-24
* Document timestampdir option (Ticket#33)Thorsten Kukuk2015-03-24
* pam_timestamp: fix potential directory traversal issue (ticket #27)Dmitry V. Levin2014-03-26
* pam_timestamp: Fix copy&paste error in manpage.Tomas Mraz2012-06-01
* Use to link with -lpam/-lpam_miscDmitry V. Levin2011-10-28
* Update .gitignore filesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Remove modules/pam_timestamp/hmacfile from distributionDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Rename all .cvsignore files to .gitignoreDmitry V. Levin2011-10-27
* Fix whitespace issuesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-26
* Avoid memleaks and fd leak in error paths.Tomas Mraz2011-06-15
* 2011-05-30 Thorsten Kukuk <>Thorsten Kukuk2011-05-30
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2010-04-14
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2009-06-28
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2009-06-01
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2009-03-27
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-12-03
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2008-12-02
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-12-01
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2008-11-28