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* Check for crypt() failure returning NULL.Paul Wouters2012-04-11
* Fix matching of usernames in the pam_unix remember feature.Tomas Mraz2012-01-03
* Fix whitespace issuesDmitry V. Levin2011-10-26
* Relevant BUGIDs: 2923437Thorsten Kukuk2010-08-09
* Relevant BUGIDs: 2730965Thorsten Kukuk2010-08-04
* Relevant BUGIDs: rhbz#545053Tomas Mraz2009-12-08
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2009-06-26
* Relevant BUGIDs: 2487654Thorsten Kukuk2009-03-25
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2009-03-24
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2009-02-27
* Relevant BUGIDs: debian#514437 rhbz#487216Tomas Mraz2009-02-26
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-12-01
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-11-30
* Relevant BUGIDs:Steve Langasek2008-07-28
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-07-08
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-01-28
* Relevant BUGIDs: 1836981Tomas Mraz2008-01-24
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2008-01-23
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2007-12-05