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* Move read_passwords function from pam_unix to pam_inline.hikerexxe2020-07-15
* pam_unix: use PAM_MAX_RESP_SIZE instead of its alias MAXPASSDmitry V. Levin2020-07-15
* pam_unix: Use pam_syslog instead of helper_log_err.Tomas Mraz2018-11-27
* pam_unix: Add support for (gost-)yescrypt hashing methods.Björn Esser2018-11-23
* Release version 1.2.1Thorsten Kukuk2015-06-22
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2008-12-01
* Relevant BUGIDs:Steve Langasek2008-07-28
* Relevant BUGIDs: 1836981Tomas Mraz2008-01-24
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2008-01-23
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2007-12-05