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* New upstream version 1.1.8Steve Langasek2019-01-03
| * Check return value of setuid to remove glibc warnings.Thorsten Kukuk2013-09-16
| * Write to *rounds only if non-NULL.Tomas Mraz2013-09-13
| * Add missing ')'Tomas Mraz2013-09-13
| * Extend pam_exec by stdout and type= options (ticket #8):Thorsten Kukuk2013-09-04
| * Fix compile errorThorsten Kukuk2013-08-30
| * Restart waitpid if it returns with EINTR (ticket #17)Thorsten Kukuk2013-08-29
| * Apply the exclusive check in pam_sepermit only when loginuid not set.Tomas Mraz2013-08-23
| * pam_rootok: fix linking in --enable-audit modeDmitry V. Levin2013-07-01
| * pam_tty_audit: fix a typo that crept in during patch reviewRichard Guy Briggs2013-07-01
| * pam_tty_audit: add an option to control logging of passwords: log_passwdRichard Guy Briggs2013-06-21
| * Man page fix - unix_update runs in the permissive mode as well.Tomas Mraz2013-06-20
| * Use hash from /etc/login.defs as default if noThorsten Kukuk2013-06-18
| * pam_access: better not change the default function used to get domain name.Tomas Mraz2013-04-12
| * Fix strict aliasing issue in MD5 implementations.Tomas Mraz2013-03-28
| * pam_lastlog: Do not fail on short read if btmp is corrupted.Tomas Mraz2013-03-22
| * pam_rootok: Allow proper logging of the user AVC if access disallowed by SELinuxTomas Mraz2013-03-22
| * Add checks for crypt() returning NULL.Tomas Mraz2013-02-08
| * pam_userdb: Allow also modern password hashes supported by crypt().Tomas Mraz2013-02-07
| * pam_access: fix typo in ifdefWalter de Jong2013-01-18
| * pam_cracklib: Mention checks that are not run for root.Tomas Mraz2012-12-20
| * pam_selinux: Drop obsolete and unsupported manual context selection.Tomas Mraz2012-11-30
| * pam_limits: fix grammatical mistake.Tomas Mraz2012-11-23
| * pam_unix: fix build in --enable-selinux modeDmitry V. Levin2012-10-10
| * pam_namespace: add mntopts flag for tmpfs mount optionsTomas Mraz2012-10-10
| * pam_selinux, pam_tally2: Add tty and rhost to audit data.Tomas Mraz2012-09-06
| * Add missing $(DESTDIR) when making directories on install.Tomas Mraz2012-08-17
| * Small documentation and define fixesThorsten Kukuk2012-08-16
| * Document limits.d also in the limits.conf manpage.Tomas Mraz2012-08-09
| * New autotools do not create empty directories on install.Tomas Mraz2012-07-23
| * RLIMIT_* variables are no longer defined unless you explicitly includeStevan Bajić2012-07-09
| * pam_umask: correct the documentation of GECOS field parsingTomas Mraz2012-06-27
| * pam_cracklib: Add monotonic character sequence checking.Tomas Mraz2012-06-22
| * pam_timestamp: Fix copy&paste error in manpage.Tomas Mraz2012-06-01
| * pam_pwhistory: Always record the old password even when root changes it.Tomas Mraz2012-05-28
| * pam_cracklib: Add enforce_for_root option.Tomas Mraz2012-05-24
| * pam_cracklib: Add maxclassrepeat, gecoscheck checks and remove unused difignore.Tomas Mraz2012-04-30
| * pam_lastlog: Never lock out the root account.Tomas Mraz2012-04-30
| * pam_lastlog: add possibility to lock out inactive users in auth or accountTomas Mraz2012-04-17
| * Check for crypt() failure returning NULL.Paul Wouters2012-04-11
| * pam_unix: make configuration consistent in --enable-static-modules modeDmitry V. Levin2012-02-03
| * Fix compile time errors in --enable-static-modules modeMatveychikov Ilya2012-01-27
| * Do not unmount anything by default in pam_namespace close session call.Tomas Mraz2012-01-26
| * Make / mount as rslave instead of bind mounting polydirs.Tomas Mraz2012-01-24
| * Add possibility to match ruser, rhost, and tty in pam_succeed_if.Tomas Mraz2012-01-13
| * Fix matching of usernames in the pam_unix remember feature.Tomas Mraz2012-01-03
| * pam_selinux.8.xml: updateDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
| * pam_selinux.c: add "restore" optionDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
| * pam_selinux.c: rewrite using pam_get_data/pam_set_dataDmitry V. Levin2011-11-03
| * Use to link with -lpam/-lpam_miscDmitry V. Levin2011-10-28