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authorAlexander Krotov <>2018-03-02 00:32:49 +0300
committerAlexander Krotov <>2018-03-02 00:33:16 +0300
commit55c4b9982c785e043b0ed9b8dd2219bdbdf61087 (patch)
parent7d3e7a5a6d9e7b139fd15e10a52b85f87aba42b1 (diff)
Muse reader: convert alphabetical list markers to decimal in round-trip test
Alphabetical lists are an addition of Text::Amuse. They are not present in Emacs Muse and can be ambiguous when list starts with "i.", "c." etc.
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/test/Tests/Readers/Muse.hs b/test/Tests/Readers/Muse.hs
index c45e0bfcf..1a8378b06 100644
--- a/test/Tests/Readers/Muse.hs
+++ b/test/Tests/Readers/Muse.hs
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ spcSep = mconcat . intersperse space
makeRoundTrip :: Block -> Block
makeRoundTrip Table{} = Para [Str "table was here"]
+makeRoundTrip (OrderedList (start, LowerAlpha, _) items) = OrderedList (start, Decimal, Period) items
+makeRoundTrip (OrderedList (start, UpperAlpha, _) items) = OrderedList (start, Decimal, Period) items
makeRoundTrip x = x
-- Demand that any AST produced by Muse reader and written by Muse writer can be read back exactly the same way.