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left double quotes. (No `Quoted` inline is generated, however.)
Closes #99 (again).
- * LaTeX reader: citation handling changes. Previously, a LaTeX
- citation would always be parsed as a `Citation` element, with the raw
- LaTeX as contents. Now, the LaTeX citation is parsed as a `Citation`
- element only if `--bibliography` was specified (i.e. only if there
- is a nonempty set of references in readerReferences). Otherwise it is
- parsed as raw LaTeX. This makes it possible to simplify some things in
- the markdown writer. It also makes the LaTeX reader behave more like
- the Markdown reader.
* Markdown writer:
+ Fixed numbering mismatch between TOC and sections in
HTML. `--number-offset` now affects TOC numbering as well
as section numbering, as it should have all along. Closes #789.
- + Citations are again rendered using citeproc, even if the `citations`
- extension is specified. (This reverts a 1.11 change.) To retain
- pandoc citations when prettyprinting markdown, just omit the
- `--bibliography` option. To convert LaTeX to pandoc citations,
- use the `--natbib` option to prevent citeproc processing.
+ + Omit bibliography when `citations` enabled. In 1.11, citations
+ would be rendered as pandoc markdown citations, but the bibliography
+ would still be printed. We avoid that by adding a
+ `RawBlock "pandoc" "references"` block before the references.
+ This allows the markdown writer to find the references
+ and strip them off when `citations` is enabled.
* ODT writer: Fixed regression leading to corrupt ODTs.
This was due to a change in the `Show` instance for