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Org-mode allows to specify export settings via `#+OPTIONS` lines.
Disabling simple sub- and superscripts is one of these export options,
this options is now supported.
+ + Support special strings export option Parsing of special strings
+ (like `...` as ellipsis or `--` as en dash) can be toggled using the `-`
+ option.
+ + Support emphasized text export option. Parsing of emphasized text can
+ be toggled using the `*` option. This influences parsing of text marked
+ as emphasized, strong, strikeout, and underline. Parsing of inline math,
+ code, and verbatim text is not affected by this option.
+ + Support smart quotes export option. Reading of smart quotes can be
+ toggled using the `'` option.
+ Parse but ignore export options. All known export options are parsed
but ignored.
+ Refactor block attribute handling. A parser state attribute was used