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A small test case (just a few lines) is ideal. If your input is large,
try to whittle it down to the minimum necessary to illustrate the problem.
+Fixing bugs from the issue tracker
+Almost all the bugs on the issue tracker have one or more associated tags. These
+are used to indicate the *difficulty* and *nature* of a bug. There is not yet a
+way to indicate priority. An up to date summary of issues can be found
+* [Enhancement] -- A feature which would be desirable.
+* [Bug] -- A problem which needs to be fixed.
+* [Minor] -- The fix should only be a couple of lines.
+* [Major] -- The fix might require structural changes or in depth knowledge of
+the code base.
+* [Reader] -- A request to add a new input format.
+* [Writer] -- A request to add a new output format.
+* [docs] -- A discrepency or ambiguity in the documentation.
+* [inprogress] -- Someone is actively working on or planning to work on the
+* [More discussion needed] -- It is unclear what the correct approach to solving
+the ticket is. Before starting on tickets such as this it would be advisable to
+post on the ticket.
+* [More info needed] -- We require more information from a user before we can
+classify a report properly.
Have an idea for a new feature?
@@ -182,3 +209,13 @@ The library is structured as follows:
[Haskell platform]:
+[More discussion needed]:
+[More info needed]: