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+pandoc (1.17.1)
+* New output format: `docbook5` (Ivo Clarysse).
+* `Text.Pandoc.Options`: Add `writerDocBook5` to `WriterOptions`
+ (API change).
+* Org writer:
+ + Add :PROPERTIES: drawer support (Albert Krewinkel, #1962).
+ This allows header attributes to be added to org documents in the form
+ of `:PROPERTIES:` drawers. All available attributes are stored as
+ key/value pairs. This reflects the way the org reader handles
+ `:PROPERTIES:` blocks.
+ + Add drawer capability (Carlos Sosa). For the implementation of the Drawer
+ element in the Org Writer, we make use of a generic Block container with
+ attributes. The presence of a `drawer` class defines that the `Div`
+ constructor is a drawer. The first class defines the drawer name to use.
+ The key-value list in the attributes defines the keys to add inside the
+ Drawer. Lastly, the list of Block elements contains miscellaneous blocks
+ elements to add inside of the Drawer.
+ + Use `CUSTOM_ID` in properties (Albert Krewinkel). The `ID` property is
+ reserved for internal use by Org-mode and should not be used.
+ The `CUSTOM_ID` property is to be used instead, it is converted to the
+ `ID` property for certain export format.
+* LaTeX writer:
+ + Ignore `--incremental` unless output format is beamer (#2843).
+ + Fix polyglossia to babel env mapping (Mauro Bieg, #2728).
+ Allow for optional argument in square brackets.
+ + Recognize `la-x-classic` as Classical Latin (Andrew Dunning).
+ This allows one to access the hyphenation patterns in CTAN's
+ hyph-utf8.
+ + Add missing languages from hyph-utf8 (Andrew Dunning).
+ + Improve use of `\strut` with `\minipage` inside tables
+ (Jose Luis Duran). This improves spacing in multiline
+ tables.
+ + Use `{}` around options containing special chars (#2892).
+ + Avoid lazy `foldl`.
+ + Don't escape underscore in labels (#2921). Previously they were
+ escaped as `ux5f`.
+* HTML writer: Ensure mathjax link is added when math appears in footnote
+ (#2881). Previously if a document only had math in a footnote, the MathJax
+ link would not be added.
+* EPUB writer: set `navpage` variable on nav page.
+ This allows templates to treat it differently.
+* DocBook writer:
+ + Use docbook5 if `writerDocbook5` is set (Ivo Clarysse).
+ + Properly handle `ulink`/`link` (Ivo Clarysse).
+* EPUB reader: Unescape URIs in spine (#2924).
+* Docx Reader:
+ + Parse `moveTo` and `moveFrom` (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ `moveTo` and `moveFrom` are track-changes tags that are used when a
+ block of text is moved in the document. We now recognize these tags and
+ treat them the same as `insert` and `delete`, respectively. So,
+ `--track-changes=accept` will show the moved version, while
+ `--track-changes=reject` will show the original version.
+ + Tests for track-changes moving (Jesse Rosenthal).
+* ODT, EPUB, Docx readers: throw `PandocError` on unzip failure
+ (Jesse Rosenthal) Previously, `readDocx`, `readEPUB`, and `readOdt`
+ would error out if zip-archive failed. We change the archive extraction
+ step from `toArchive` to `toArchiveOrFail`, which returns an Either value.
+* Markdown, HTML readers: be more forgiving about unescaped `&` in
+ HTML (#2410). We are now more forgiving about parsing invalid HTML with
+ unescaped `&` as raw HTML. (Previously any unescaped `&`
+ would cause pandoc not to recognize the string as raw HTML.)
+* Markdown reader:
+ + Fix pandoc title blocks with lines ending in 2 spaces (#2799).
+ + Added `-s` to markdown-reader-more test.
+* HTML reader: fixed bug in `pClose`. This caused exponential parsing
+ behavior in documnets with unclosed tags in `dl`, `dd`, `dt`.
+* MediaWiki reader: Allow spaces before `!` in MediaWiki table header
+ (roblabla).
+* RST reader: Support `:class:` option for code block in RST reader
+ (Sidharth Kapur).
+* Org reader:
+ + Stop padding short table rows (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Emacs Org-mode doesn't add any padding to table rows. The first
+ row (header or first body row) is used to determine the column count,
+ no other magic is performed.
+ + Refactor rows-to-table conversion (Albert Krewinkel). This refactors
+ the codes conversing a list table lines to an org table ADT.
+ The old code was simplified and is now slightly less ugly.
+ + Fix handling of empty table cells, rows (Albert Krewinkel, #2616).
+ This fixes Org mode parsing of some corner cases regarding empty cells
+ and rows. Empty cells weren't parsed correctly, e.g. `|||` should be
+ two empty cells, but would be parsed as a single cell containing a pipe
+ character. Empty rows where parsed as alignment rows and dropped from
+ the output.
+ + Fix spacing after LaTeX-style symbols (Albert Krewinkel).
+ The org-reader was droping space after unescaped LaTeX-style symbol
+ commands: `\ForAll \Auml` resulted in `∀Ä` but should give `∀ Ä`
+ instead. This seems to be because the LaTeX-reader treats the
+ command-terminating space as part of the command. Dropping the trailing
+ space from the symbol-command fixes this issue.
+ + Print empty table rows (Albert Krewinkel). Empty table rows should not
+ be dropped from the output, so row-height is always set to be at least 1.
+ + Move parser state into separate module (Albert Krewinkel).
+ The org reader code has become large and confusing. Extracting smaller
+ parts into submodules should help to clean things up.
+ + Add support for sub/superscript export options (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Org-mode allows to specify export settings via `#+OPTIONS` lines.
+ Disabling simple sub- and superscripts is one of these export options,
+ this options is now supported.
+ + Parse but ignore export options (Albert Krewinkel). All known export
+ options are parsed but ignored.
+ + Refactor block attribute handling (Albert Krewinkel).
+ A parser state attribute was used to keep track of block attributes
+ defined in meta-lines. Global state is undesirable, so block attributes
+ are no longer saved as part of the parser state. Old functions and the
+ respective part of the parser state are removed.
+ + Use custom `anyLine` (Albert Krewinkel). Additional state
+ changes need to be made after a newline is parsed, otherwise markup may
+ not be recognized correctly. This fixes a bug where markup after
+ certain block-types would not be recognized.
+ + Add support for `ATTR_HTML` attributes (Albert Krewinkel, #1906).
+ Arbitrary key-value pairs can be added to some block types using a
+ `#+ATTR_HTML` line before the block. Emacs Org-mode only includes these
+ when exporting to HTML, but since we cannot make this distinction here,
+ the attributes are always added. The functionality is now supported
+ for figures.
+ + Add `:PROPERTIES:` drawer support (Albert Krewinkel, #1877).
+ Headers can have optional `:PROPERTIES:` drawers associated with them.
+ These drawers contain key/value pairs like the header's `id`. The
+ reader adds all listed pairs to the header's attributes; `id` and
+ `class` attributes are handled specially to match the way `Attr` are
+ defined. This also changes behavior of how drawers of unknown type
+ are handled. Instead of including all unknown drawers, those are not
+ read/exported, thereby matching current Emacs behavior.
+ + Use `CUSTOM_ID` in properties (Albert Krewinkel). See above on
+ Org writer changes.
+ + Respect drawer export setting (Albert Krewinkel). The `d` export
+ option can be used to control which drawers are exported
+ and which are discarded. Basic support for this option is added here.
+ + Ignore leading space in org code blocks (Emanuel Evans, #2862).
+ Also fix up tab handling for leading whitespace in code blocks.
+* Added `docbook5` template.
+* `--mathjax` improvements:
+ + Use new CommonHTML output for MathJax (updated default MathJax URL,
+ #2858).
+ + Change default mathjax setup to use `TeX-AMS_CHTML` configuration.
+ This is designed for cases where the input is always TeX and maximal
+ conformity with TeX is desired. It seems to be smaller and load faster
+ than what we used before. See #2858.
+ + Load the full MathJax config to maximize loading speed (KolenCheung).
+* Bumped upper version bounds to allow use of latest packages
+ and compilation with ghc 8.
+* Require texmath Closes several texmath-related bugs (#2775,
+ #2310, #2310, #2824). This fixes behavior of roots, e.g.
+ `\sqrt[3]{x}`, and issues with sub/superscript positioning
+ and matrix column alignment in docx.
+ + Clarified documentation of `implicit_header_references` (#2904).
+ + Improved documentation of `--columns` option.
+* Added appveyor setup, with artefacts (Jan Schulz).
+* stack.yaml versions: Use proper flags used for texmath, pandoc-citeproc.
+* LaTeX template: support for custom font families (vladipus).
+ Needed for correct polyglossia operation with Cyrillic fonts and perhaps
+ can find some other usages. Example usage in YAML metadata:
+ fontfamilies:
+ - name: \cyrillicfont
+ font: Liberation Serif
+ - name: \cyrillicfonttt
+ options: Scale=MatchLowercase
+ font: Liberation
pandoc (
* LaTeX writer: Fixed position of label in figures (#2813).