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Created Text.Pandoc.Writers.Shared, improved metaToJSON.
* Text.Pandoc.Writers.Shared contains shared functions used only in writers. * metaToJSON now takes a WriterOptions parameter, and will return an empty object if standalone is not specified.
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@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ The library is structured as follows:
file "self-contained," by importing remotely linked images, CSS,
and javascript and turning them into `data:` URLs.
- `Text.Pandoc.Shared` is a grab-bag of shared utility functions.
+ - `Text.Pandoc.Writers.Shared` contains utilities used in writers only.
- `Text.Pandoc.Slides` contains functions for splitting a markdown document
into slides, using the conventions described in the README.
- `Text.Pandoc.Templates` defines pandoc's templating system.