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Updates to use skylighting rather than highlighting-kate.
So far this just reproduces capacity. Later we'll be able to add features like warning messages, dynamic loading of xml syntax definitions, and dynamic loading of themes.
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@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ The library is structured as follows:
cabal flag is used. It is generated from `src/Text/Pandoc/Data.hsb` using
the preprocessor [hsb2hs].
- `Text.Pandoc.Highlighting` contains the interface to the
- highlighting-kate library, which is used for code syntax highlighting.
+ skylighting library, which is used for code syntax highlighting.
- `Text.Pandoc.ImageSize` is a utility module containing functions for
calculating image sizes from the contents of image files.
- `Text.Pandoc.MIME` contains functions for associating MIME types