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Clarified what is "out of scope" in README and
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A small test case (just a few lines) is ideal. If your input is large,
try to whittle it down to the minimum necessary to illustrate the problem.
+Out of scope?
+A less than perfect conversion does not necessarily mean there's
+a bug in pandoc. Quoting from the README:
+> Because Pandoc's intermediate representation of a document is less
+> expressive than many of the formats it converts between, one should
+> not expect perfect conversions between every format and every other.
+> Pandoc attempts to preserve the structural elements of a document, but
+> not formatting details such as margin size. And some document elements,
+> such as complex tables, may not fit into Pandoc's simple document
+> model. While conversions from Pandoc's Markdown to all formats aspire
+> to be perfect, conversions from formats more expressive than Pandoc's
+> Markdown can be expected to be lossy.
+For example, both docx and odt can represent margin size, but because
+pandoc's internal document model does not contain a representation of
+margin size, this information will be lost on converting from docx
+to odt. (You can, however, customize margin size using `--reference-odt`.)
+So before submitting a bug report, consider whether it might be
+"out of scope." If it concerns a feature of documents that isn't
+representable in pandoc's Markdown, then it very likely is.
+(If in doubt, you can always ask on pandoc-discuss.)
Fixing bugs from the issue tracker