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% Pandoc-JP.tex
-\report{John MacFarlane}%11/10
+\report{John MacFarlane}%05/11
\status{active development}
-\participants{John MacFarlane,
-Andrea Rossato, Peter Wang, Paulo Tanimoto, Eric Kow,
+\participants{Andrea Rossato, Peter Wang, Paulo Tanimoto, Eric Kow,
Luke Plant, Justin Bogner, Paul Rivier, Nathan Gass, Puneeth Chaganti,
-Josef Svennigsson, Etienne Millon, Joost Kremers}
+Josef Svenningsson, Etienne Millon, Joost Kremers}
Pandoc aspires to be the swiss army knife of text markup formats: it
@@ -19,14 +18,14 @@ tables, definition lists, footnotes, and more.
Since the last report, many new features have been added and improvements
made. Some highlights:
\item Support for Textile input and output.
\item Support for Emacs org-mode output.
\item A new ``builder'' module for constructing Pandoc documents programatically.
\item Support for \LaTeX math macros in markdown documents.
\item Support for automatic citations and bibliographies using Andrea
Rossato's citeproc-hs library.
These last two changes bring two of the most powerful features of \LaTeX
to pandoc.