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Note, however, that versions in the repositories are often
- - For 64-bit [Debian] and [Ubuntu], we provide a debian package
- on the [download page].
+ - We provide a binary package for amd64 architecture on
+ the download page. This provides both pandoc and
+ pandoc-citeproc. The executables are statically linked and
+ have no dynamic dependencies. Both a tarball and a deb
+ installer are provided.
sudo dpkg -i $DEB
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install the `pandoc` and `pandoc-citeproc` executables
and man pages.
+ Note: because it is statically linked, the pandoc
+ binary from this package cannot use lua filters that
+ require external lua modules written in C.
- If you use an RPM-based distro, you may be
- able to install this deb using `alien`, or try
+ able to install the deb from our download page
+ using `alien`. Or try
ar p $DEB data.tar.gz | sudo tar xvz --strip-components 2 -C /usr/local
- If you'd rather install pandoc in your home directory, say
- in `$HOME/.local`, then you can extract the files manually
- from the deb:
+ in `$HOME/.local`, then you can unzip the tarball or
+ extract the files manually from the deb:
ar p $DEB data.tar.gz | tar xvz --strip-components 2 -C $HOME/.local/