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INSTALL - removed "building the whole pandoc ecosystem."
This is irrelevant now with stack allowing us to depend on arbitrary git commits.
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@@ -319,29 +319,6 @@ To run just the markdown benchmarks:
cabal bench --benchmark-options='markdown'
-### Building the whole pandoc ecosystem
-Sometimes pandoc's development code depends on unreleased versions
-of dependent libraries. You'll need to build these as well. A
-maximal build method would be
- mkdir pandoc-build
- cd pandoc-build
- git clone
- git clone
- git clone
- git clone
- git clone
- git clone
- cd pandoc
- stack install --test --install-ghc --stack-yaml stack.full.yaml
-To pull in the latest changes, after you've done this and there have been
-changes in the repositories: Visit each repository in pandoc-build
-(pandoc-types, texmath, pandoc-citeproc, pandoc, zip-archive, cmark-hs) and do
-`git pull`. In the pandoc repo, also do `stack install --test
---stack-yaml stack.full.yaml`.
[Cabal User's Guide]: