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+# Other targets
+The following 'make' targets should not be needed by the average user,
+but are documented here for packagers and developers:
+## Building and installing
+* `configure`: Performs the needed preprocessing to create a proper
+ Cabal package for Pandoc:
+ - Builds `Pandoc.cabal` from ``, using
+ the shell script `cabalize`.
+ - Builds `ASCIIMathML.hs`, `DefaultHeaders.hs`, and `S5.hs`
+ from templates in `src/templates` and data in `src/ASCIIMathML.js`,
+ `src/ui`, and `src/headers`.
+ - Stores values of relevant environment variables in `vars` for
+ persistence.
+ - Runs Cabal's "configure" command.
+* `build-exec`: Builds `pandoc` executable (using Cabal's "build"
+ command) and creates the wrappers `html2markdown` and `markdown2pdf`
+ from templates in `src/wrappers`.
+* `build-doc`: Builds program documentation (e.g. `README.html`).
+* `build-lib-doc`: Builds Haddock documentation for Pandoc libraries.
+* `install-doc`, `uninstall-doc`: Installs/uninstalls user documentation
+ and man pages.
+* `install-lib-doc`, `uninstall-lib-doc`: Installs/uninstalls library
+ documentation and man pages.
+* `install-exec`, `uninstall-exec`: Installs/uninstalls programs
+ (`pandoc` and wrappers).
+## Testing
+* `test`: Runs Pandoc's test suite. (All tests should pass.)
+* `test-markdown`: Runs the Markdown regression test suite, using
+ `pandoc --strict`. (One of the list tests will fail.)
+## Cleaning
+* `clean`: Restores directory to pre-build state, removing generated files.
+* `distclean`: Like clean, but also cleans up files created by `make deb`.
+## Packaging
+* `osx-pkg-prep`: Prepares for building a MacOS X package.
+* `osx-pkg`: Builds a MacOS X package (must be run as root, and on OS X).
+ You should make `osx-pkg-prep` first (not as root).
+* `osx-dmg`: Creates a compressed disk image containing Mac OS X package
+ (must be run on OS X). You should make `osx-pkg` first.
+* `win-pkg`: Creates a Windows binary package (presupposes `pandoc.exe`,
+ which must be created by building Pandoc on a Windows machine).
+* `tarball`: Creates a source tarball for distribution.
+* `deb`: Creates debian packages in `..` directory.
+* `website`: Creates Pandoc's website in `web/pandoc` directory.