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Beamer template: Added fonttheme variable.
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@@ -761,7 +761,7 @@ as `title`, `author`, and `date`) as well as the following:
: base URL for reveal.js documents (defaults to `reveal.js`)
-: reveal.js theme
+: reveal.js or LaTeX beamer theme
: reveal.js transition
@@ -777,10 +777,10 @@ as `title`, `author`, and `date`) as well as the following:
`mainfont`, `sansfont`, `monofont`, `mathfont`
: fonts for LaTeX documents (works only with xelatex
and lualatex)
-: theme for LaTeX beamer documents
: colortheme for LaTeX beamer documents
+: fonttheme for LaTeX beamer documents
: color for internal links in LaTeX documents (`red`, `green`,
`magenta`, `cyan`, `blue`, `black`)