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Fixed pipe tables -- headerless tables are not allowed.
GFM and PHP Markdown Extra pipe tables require headers. Previously pandoc allowed pipe tables not to include headers, and produced headerless pipe tables in Markdown output, but this was based on a misconception about pipe table syntax. This commit fixes this. Note: If you have been using headerless pipe tables, this may cause existing tables to break. Closes #1996.
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@@ -1827,8 +1827,8 @@ Pipe tables look like this:
The syntax is [the same as in PHP markdown extra]. The beginning and
ending pipe characters are optional, but pipes are required between all
columns. The colons indicate column alignment as shown. The header
-can be omitted, but the horizontal line must still be included, as
-it defines column alignments.
+cannot be omitted. To simulate a headerless table, include a header
+with blank cells.
Since the pipes indicate column boundaries, columns need not be vertically
aligned, as they are in the above example. So, this is a perfectly