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Removed obsolete reference to default.csl.
Closes #2372. @cinaeco as the pandoc-citeproc man page describes, the current behavior if no style is specified is to look in `~/.csl/chicago-author-date.csl`, and if nothing is found there, to use a default version of chicago-author-date.csl. You may want to open a separate issue on jgm/pandoc-citeproc suggesting the use of `default.csl` rather than `chicago-author-date.csl`. I agree that this would make sense.
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@@ -246,8 +246,8 @@ General options
in Windows 7. (You can find the default user data directory
on your system by looking at the output of `pandoc --version`.)
- A `reference.odt`, `reference.docx`, `default.csl`,
- `epub.css`, `templates`, `slidy`, `slideous`, or `s5` directory
+ A `reference.odt`, `reference.docx`, `epub.css`, `templates`,
+ `slidy`, `slideous`, or `s5` directory
placed in this directory will override pandoc's normal defaults.