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Template updates.
Beamer: added `innertheme`, `outertheme` variables. LaTeX: added `mainfontoptions`, `sansfontoptions`, `monofontoptions`, `mathfontoptions`, `fontfamilyoptions`.
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@@ -1022,16 +1022,20 @@ as `title`, `author`, and `date`) as well as the following:
`libertine` (Linux Libertine), `arev` (Arev Sans),
and the default `lmodern`, among others.
+: options to use with `fontfamily`.
`mainfont`, `sansfont`, `monofont`, `mathfont`, `CJKmainfont`
: fonts for LaTeX documents (works only with xelatex
and lualatex). Note that if `CJKmainfont` is used,
the `xeCJK` package must be available.
-: colortheme for LaTeX beamer documents
+`mainfontoptions`, `sansfontoptions`, `monofontoptions`, `mathfontoptions`
+: options to use with `mainfont`, `sansfont`, `monofont`,
+ `mathfont` in xelatex and lualatex.
-: fonttheme for LaTeX beamer documents
+`colortheme`, `fonttheme`, `innertheme`, `outertheme`
+: themes for LaTeX beamer documents
: color for internal links in LaTeX documents (`red`, `green`,