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README: Better documentation of syntax highlighting.
See #1318.
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@@ -449,7 +449,8 @@ General writer options
: Specifies the coloring style to be used in highlighted source code.
Options are `pygments` (the default), `kate`, `monochrome`,
- `espresso`, `zenburn`, `haddock`, and `tango`.
+ `espresso`, `zenburn`, `haddock`, and `tango`. For more information
+ on syntax highlighting in pandoc, see [Syntax highlighting], below.
`-H` *FILE*, `--include-in-header=`*FILE*
@@ -1422,6 +1423,8 @@ word.
To prevent all highlighting, use the `--no-highlight` flag.
To set the highlighting style, use `--highlight-style`.
+For more information on highlighting, see [Syntax highlighting],
Line blocks
@@ -3312,6 +3315,24 @@ ordinary HTML (without bird tracks).
writes HTML with the Haskell code in bird tracks, so it can be copied
and pasted as literate Haskell source.
+Syntax highlighting
+Pandoc will automatically highlight syntax in fenced code blocks that
+are marked with a language name. (See [Extension:
+`inline_code_attributes`] and [Extension: `fenced_code_attributes`],
+above.) The Haskell library [highlighting-kate] is used for
+highlighting, which works in HTML, Docx, and LaTeX/PDF output.
+The color scheme can be selected using the `--highlight-style` option.
+The default color scheme is `pygments`, which imitates the default color
+scheme used by the Python library pygments, but pygments is not actually
+used to do the highlighting.
+To see a list of language names that pandoc will recognize, type
+`pandoc --version`.
+To disable highlighting, use the `--no-highlight` option.
Custom writers
@@ -3499,3 +3520,4 @@ Wikiwide.