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Removed `--print-sample-lua-writer`, added `--print-default-data-file`.
Closes #943.
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@@ -311,9 +311,8 @@ General writer options
: Print the default template for an output *FORMAT*. (See `-t`
for a list of possible *FORMAT*s.)
-: Print a sample lua custom writer (see [Custom writers](#custom-writers),
- below.
+: Print a default data file.
: Disable text wrapping in output. By default, text is wrapped
@@ -2759,7 +2758,7 @@ Creating a custom writer requires writing a lua function for each
possible element in a pandoc document. To get a documented example
which you can modify according to your needs, do
- pandoc --print-sample-lua-writer
+ pandoc --print-default-data-file sample.lua