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LaTeX template: include grffile together with graphicx.
This properly handles filenames containing spaces and dots. Closes #2074.
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@@ -127,7 +127,8 @@ Production of a PDF requires that a LaTeX engine be installed (see
`--latex-engine`, below), and assumes that the following LaTeX packages are
available: `amssymb`, `amsmath`, `ifxetex`, `ifluatex`, `listings` (if the
`--listings` option is used), `fancyvrb`, `longtable`, `booktabs`, `url`,
-`graphicx`, `hyperref`, `ulem`, `babel` (if the `lang` variable is set),
+`graphicx` and `grffile` (if the document contains images),
+ `hyperref`, `ulem`, `babel` (if the `lang` variable is set),
`fontspec` (if `xelatex` or `lualatex` is used as the LaTeX engine), `xltxtra`
and `xunicode` (if `xelatex` is used).