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@@ -2688,6 +2688,12 @@ files, but you can use `.bibtex` to force BibTeX.
Note that `pandoc-citeproc --bib2json` and `pandoc-citeproc --bib2yaml`
can produce `.json` and `.yaml` files from any of the supported formats.
+In-field markup: In bibtex and biblatex databases, pandoc-citeproc parses
+(a subset of) LaTeX markup; in CSL JSON databases, an HTML-like markup
+and in CSL YAML databases, pandoc markdown. `pandoc-citeproc -j` and `-y`
+interconvert these markup formats as far as possible.
As an alternative to specifying a bibliography file, you can include
the citation data directly in the `references` field of the
document's YAML metadata. The field should contain an array of