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Removed dependency on citeproc-hs.
Going forward we'll use pandoc-citeproc, as an external filter. The `--bibliography`, `--csl`, and `--citation-abbreviation` fields have been removed. Instead one must include `bibliography`, `csl`, or `csl-abbrevs` fields in the document's YAML metadata. The filter can then be used as follows: pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc The `Text.Pandoc.Biblio` module has been removed. Henceforth, `Text.CSL.Pandoc` from pandoc-citations can be used by library users. The Markdown and LaTeX readers now longer format bibliographies and citations. That must be done using `processCites` or `processCites'` from Text.CSL.Pandoc. All bibliography-related fields have been removed from `ReaderOptions` and `WriterOptions`: `writerBiblioFiles`, `readerReferences`, `readerCitationStyle`. API change.
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Citation rendering
-: Specify bibliography database to be used in resolving
- citations. The database type will be determined from the
- extension of *FILE*, which may be `.mods` (MODS format),
- `.bib` (BibLaTeX format, which will normally work for BibTeX
- files as well), `.bibtex` (BibTeX format),
- `.ris` (RIS format), `.enl` (EndNote format),
- `.xml` (EndNote XML format), `.wos` (ISI format),
- `.medline` (MEDLINE format), `.copac` (Copac format),
- or `.json` (citeproc JSON). If you want to use multiple
- bibliographies, just use this option repeatedly.
-: Specify [CSL] style to be used in formatting citations and
- the bibliography. If *FILE* is not found, pandoc will look
- for it in
- $HOME/.csl
- in unix,
- C:\Documents And Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\csl
- in Windows XP, and
- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\csl
- in Windows 7. If the `--csl` option is not specified, pandoc
- will use a default style: either `default.csl` in the
- user data directory (see `--data-dir`), or, if that is
- not present, the Chicago author-date style.
-: Specify a file containing abbreviations for journal titles and
- other bibliographic fields (indicated by setting `form="short"`
- in the CSL node for the field). The format is described at
- <>.
- Here is a short example:
- { "default": {
- "container-title": {
- "Lloyd's Law Reports": "Lloyd's Rep",
- "Estates Gazette": "EG",
- "Scots Law Times": "SLT"
- }
- }
- }
: Use natbib for citations in LaTeX output.
@@ -2378,9 +2330,14 @@ Citations
**Extension: `citations`**
-Pandoc can automatically generate citations and a bibliography in a number of
-styles (using Andrea Rossato's `hs-citeproc`). In order to use this feature,
-you will need a bibliographic database in one of the following formats:
+Using an external filter, `pandoc-citeproc`, pandoc can automatically generate
+citations and a bibliography in a number of styles. Basic usage is
+ pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc myinput.txt
+In order to use this feature, you will need to specify a bibliography file
+using the `bibliography` metadata field in a YAML metadata section.
+The bibliography may have any of these formats:
Format File extension
------------ --------------
@@ -2398,18 +2355,40 @@ you will need a bibliographic database in one of the following formats:
Note that `.bib` can generally be used with both BibTeX and BibLaTeX
files, but you can use `.bibtex` to force BibTeX.
-You will need to specify the bibliography file using the `--bibliography`
-command-line option (which may be repeated if you have several
-By default, pandoc will use a Chicago author-date format for citations
-and references. To use another style, you will need to use the
-`--csl` option to specify a [CSL] 1.0 style file. A primer on
-creating and modifying CSL styles can be found at
-A repository of CSL styles can be found at
-See also <> for easy browsing.
+Alternatively you can use a `references` field in the document's YAML
+metadata. This should include an array of YAML-encoded references,
+for example:
+ ---
+ references:
+ - id: fenner2012a
+ title: One-click science marketing
+ author:
+ - family: Fenner
+ given: Martin
+ container-title: Nature Materials
+ volume: 11
+ URL: ''
+ DOI: 10.1038/nmat3283
+ issue: 4
+ publisher: Nature Publishing Group
+ page: 261-263
+ type: article-journal
+ issued:
+ year: 2012
+ month: 3
+ ...
+(The program `mods2yaml`, which comes with `pandoc-citeproc`, can help produce
+these from a MODS reference collection.)
+By default, `pandoc-citeproc` will use a Chicago author-date format for
+citations and references. To use another style, you will need to specify
+a [CSL] 1.0 style file in the `csl` metadata field. A primer on creating and
+modifying CSL styles can be found at
+<>. A repository of CSL styles
+can be found at <>. See also
+<> for easy browsing.
Citations go inside square brackets and are separated by semicolons.
Each citation must have a key, composed of '@' + the citation