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Support bidirectional text output with XeLaTeX, ConTeXt and HTML
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Currently only used by XeTeX through the generated
`polyglossia-otherlangs` variable.
+: the base direction of the document, either `rtl` (right-to-left)
+ or `ltr` (left-to-right).
+ For bidirectional documents, native pandoc `span`s and `div`s
+ with the `dir` attribute (value `rtl` or `ltr`) can be used to
+ override the base direction in some output formats.
+ This may not always be necessary if the final renderer
+ (e.g. the browser, when generating HTML) supports the
+ [Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm][uba-basics].
+ When using LaTeX for bidi documents, only the XeLaTeX engine
+ is fully supported (see `--latex-engine`).
+ Setting the `dir` variable enables bidirectional text
+ handling in LaTeX and ConTeXt, thus even if the base direction
+ is the default left-to-right, you should set `dir: ltr` for
+ documents that also contain some right-to-left script.
: base URL for Slidy documents (defaults to