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@@ -78,6 +78,17 @@ pandoc (1.14)
* Org reader:
+ Support smart punctuation (Craig Bosma).
+ + Drop trees with a :noexport: tag (Albert Krewinkel). Trees having a
+ `:noexport:` tag set are not exported. This mirrors org-mode.
+ + Put header tags into empty spans (Albert Krewinkel, #2160).
+ Org mode allows headers to be tagged: `* Headline :TAG1:TAG2`.
+ Instead of being interpreted as part of the headline, the tags are now
+ put into the attributes of empty spans. Spans without textual content
+ won't be visible by default, but they are detectable by filters. They
+ can also be styled using CSS when written as HTML.
+ + Generalize code block result parsing (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Previously, only code blocks were recognized as result blocks;
+ now, any kind of block can be the result.
* Append newline to the LineBreak in Dokuwiki, HTML, EPUB,
LaTeX, MediaWiki, OpenDocument, Texinfo writers (#1924, Tim Lin).
@@ -286,6 +297,7 @@ pandoc (1.14)
is a book documentclass. Previously this was done only if a book
documentclass was set in a variable.
+ Add a `\label` in `\hyperdef` for Div, Span (or links don't work).
+ + Make `mainlang` work when `lang` is in metadata (#2174).
* Texinfo writer:
@@ -320,6 +332,11 @@ pandoc (1.14)
This gives better results when we have, e.g. multiple paragraphs.
Note that tags aren't allowed in these fields.
+ Properly handle image links without an extension (#1855).
+ + Improved chapter splitting and internal link rewriting (#1887,
+ #2162, #2163). This will ensure that internal links work and
+ that the references section produced by pandoc-citeproc is
+ in its own chapter.
+ + Fixed handling of svg images (#2183).
* ICML writer:
@@ -327,6 +344,7 @@ pandoc (1.14)
Previously these were always escaped and printed verbatim.
Now they are ignored unless the format is `icml`, in which
case they are passed through unescaped.
+ + Fixed image URIs in ICML output (gohai).
* Custom writer:
@@ -420,20 +438,25 @@ pandoc (1.14)
* LaTeX template:
- + Define `\tightlist` macro if not defined.
- + Use `\providecommand` for `tightlist`. This avoids a conflict
- when memoir class is used (thanks to Joseph Harriott).
+ Degrade gracefully if `\paragraph` not defined.
+ Include `grffile` together with `graphicx` (#2074).
This properly handles filenames containing spaces and dots.
+ Redefine `\paragraph`, `\subparagraph`... to behave more
like section headers (#1658).
+ + Import hyperref before polyglossia to avoid an error with xelatex,
+ "please load package hyperref before bidi package" (Nick Bart).
+ + Added `toccolor` variable to control link color in toc (Kaixhin).
* LaTeX, Beamer templates:
+ + Provide `\tightlist`, which is now used by the LaTeX writer.
+ + Use polyglossia in beamer (#85).
+ Use `bibliography` instead of `biblio-files`
(#1661). Also use `\addbibresource` instead of `\bibliography` for
+ + Added `setotherlanguages` in polyglossia. This uses an `otherlang`
+ variable that is derived from a comma-separated list in `lang`;
+ the last language is `mainlang` and the others are `otherlang`.
* EPUB templates:
@@ -455,6 +478,7 @@ pandoc (1.14)
(Dmitry Smirnov, pandoc-templates#89).
+ Moved custom CSS after theme. This allows custom CSS to modify
themes, instead of being replaced by them.
+ + Allow `center` to be set to false.
[under the hood improvements]
@@ -514,6 +538,8 @@ pandoc (1.14)
+ Added YAML biblio format to table, and note on `pandoc-citeproc`'s
`--bib2json` and `--bib2yaml` options (Nick Bart).
+ Removed obsolete reference to `mods2yaml` (Nick Bart).
+ + Added section on syntax highlighting.
+ + Documented `toccolor` variable.
pandoc (