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pandoc (
- * Ensure that docx and odt are built in windows installer (#2187).
- * `make-reference-files`: use proper path separators for Windows.
+ * Fixed problem with building of `reference.docx` and `reference.odt`
+ when the `embed_data_files` flag is used. Instead of having a phase
+ of the build where `reference.docx` and `reference.odt` are created
+ from their constituent data files, we now construct these archives
+ from their constituents when a `docx` or `odt` is built. The
+ constituent files have been moved from `extra-source-files` to
+ `data-files`, and `reference.docx` and `reference.odt` have been
+ removed. Users can create their own `reference.docx` or
+ `reference.odt` by using pandoc to create a simple `docx` or `odt`.
+ `make-reference-files.hs` has been removed, simplifying the build
+ process (#2187)
* Don't include generated man pages in extra-source-files (#2189).
* Bumped upper bound for aeson.
+ * ConTeXt writer: create internal link anchors for Div elements with
+ identifiers. (This is needed for linked citations to work.)
pandoc (1.14)
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