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Markdown writer: New approach for citations.
* Reverts 1.11 change that caused citations to be rendered as markdown citations, even if `--biblio` was specified, unless `citation` extension is disabled. Now, formatted citations are always printed if `--biblio` was specified. If you want to reformat markdown keeping pandoc markdown citations intact, just don't specify `--biblio`. * Reverted now unnecessary changes to Text.Pandoc.Biblio adding the raw block to mark the bibliography, and to Text.Pandoc.Writers.Markdown to remove the bibliography if `citations` not specified. * If the content of a `Cite` inline is a `RawInline "latex"`, which means that a LaTeX citation command was parsed and `--biblio` wasn't specified, then render it as a pandoc markdown citation. This means that `pandoc -f latex -t markdown`, without `--biblio`, will convert LaTeX citation commands to pandoc markdown citations.
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